This coming Monday, Gunbarrel—and most of the Front Range—will experience the season’s first snowfall, alongside freezing weather. Forecasters are estimating snowfall in the range of two to four inches.

The bigger question, of course, is: What does this presage for the upcoming winter? Wetter and colder-than-normal conditions have been predicted for Colorado by some, and while much of the snowfall will be enjoyed in the mountains, the Foothills and plains will not be immune.

Still, the National Weather Service at NOAA is not predicting any Snowpocalypse for Colorado. Estimations through January 2018 show possibly higher then normal precipitation for the northwest of the state, while the messy spring months are predicted to offer possibly less—or at the very least, normal—precipitation than the seasonal average.

The takeaway? Even if Snowmaggedon doesn’t hit us—and the jury is still out—lower elevations are likely to get Colorado’s usual two-three arctic blasts alongside a few generous snowfalls, while the mountains enjoy a healthy ski season.

Get your coats ready; winter’s almost here.

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