A few months back, Gunbarrel Gazette brought you the first news about the forthcoming Raglin Market, located in the Gunbarrel Center.

While it may seem that development has stalled, Director of Operations Kevin Hartmann says just the opposite—menus have been fleshed out (you can find the current version of the “regular” menu here, subject to change), hours have been set (11am-7pm daily), and sourcing is well underway.

Hartmann shared this summary of the concept with us:

Raglin Market is a chef-driven, fast casual concept, serving sustainably sourced sandwiches, salads, and soups with superior service to match! Raglin Market will also be serving kegged wine from world class wine maker Giorgio Rivetti, seasonal cocktails on tap, and a rotating local beer selection. We will also offer a create-your-own option, online ordering, and a worry-free catering program.

Hartmann also provided the following information by interview:

* What was the origin story of Raglin market, and why did you choose Gunbarrel for a location?
Our founder and owner, Matthew Jansen was born and raised in Boulder. He has started a few restaurants in the area, and it only makes sense to start his next venture in the Boulder area as well. Choosing Gunbarrel was an easy decision, the area is growing rapidly and is in need of a family oriented restaurant for everyone to enjoy! 
* Will there be an outdoor patio space? How big?
We will have a patio! It will be a few tables, coming in at a total of 14 seat on the Northwest corner of our building 
* You mention online ordering in your letter, but will you always offer deliver (or just takeout)?
Initially we will start off with just take out! As we get moving, we may see an increased demand for delivery and adapt to the need of the area.
* Are there any local farms/purveyors you can call who you’ll be using for sourcing?
We are still in the process of sourcing all of our materials, but it is our goal to source anything we possibly can as close to our location as possible.
* How often will the menu change, and will you be offering daily/weekly specials?
The main menu will change with every season, reflecting the availability of fresh local products. As the seasons change, the desire for certain foods change and we want to offer food that is desired during each season. Warmer, heartier dishes in the winter and fresh, light offerings in the summer. We will rotate through some specials as well! This is all depending on what we have in house, and what our kitchen creates. This could be a daily occurrence or a weekly special. These specials will be an entree, a dessert, or even a breakfast burrito!
* How many beers/wines will you offer, and what’s the balance of local vs. domestic/international?
We will be offering (3) kegged beers, which we plan to source within Boulder. One being a house beer that will always be available, the other two will rotate to support our local Gunbarrel breweries. We will be offering (3) kegged wines, these will be imported from Italy. World-class wine producer Giorgio Rivetti will be making three private labels that are only available at Raglin Market. Lastly, we will be serving (3) kegged cocktails. These will be created in house, and change seasonally a long with the menu. Our plan with cocktails is to source local spirits to use in these cocktails as well.  
* Will you also be offering gourmet prepackaged foods for people to buy and take home (pastas, sauces, cheeses, etc)? What about fresh produce/fruit and bread?
After our opening, we plan to create a small to-go section, to appease the “grab and go guest”. This may include pre-made salads, salad dressings, house-made juices, hand crafted snack boxes, etc. All of these offerings will be prepared by Raglin Market in house. As for pastas and fresh produce, we most likely will not be offering them.
* Will you be serving coffee/tea? If so, what variety?
We are working with The Tea Spot in Gunbarrel to create an awesome iced tea program, we will have flavored teas, green tea, black tea, whatever our team and The Tea Spot Team create! We will not be serving coffee, unless the demand is there. We truly do not want to take away from any of the wonderful coffee shops that surround us.
* When do you anticipate opening to the public, and will you be having any special events around that?
We will be opening the beginning of August. The first three days will be soft-opening, all tips will go towards selected local charities. After that, we are working with our neighbors to create some fun events throughout the summer!
Keep an eye on Gunbarrel Gazette for the latest on Raglin Market’s opening!

Jeff is the founder and editor of the Gunbarrel Gazette. You can reach him through this website, or via the contact form.