St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD)—encompassing Boulder County areas mostly north of Gunbarrel, but inclusive of Gunbarrel—is floating a possible bond measure this fall. Opinion surveys have mailed out to area residents who would be affected.

To compensate for increased district enrollment (about 800 additional students each year, according to district sources), SVVSD is proposing a $2 per month property tax increase per $100,00 of a home’s actual value as determined by the county assessor. This would be capped at $72 per year for the average-priced home.

The income generated from this bond measure would help furnish/supply new classrooms in existing schools, fund the construction of three new schools, and subsidize school safety and security improvements.

The last time SVVSD asked voters to fund district improvements was 2008.

Some Gunbarrel residents are concerned that the vast majority of improvements would affect students outside Gunbarrel—predominantly in Niwot and Longmont.

Gunbarrel is currently served both by Boulder Valley School District and SVVSD.

For more information about this bond measure, and to voice your opinion, contact Damon Brown at 303.682.7237 or You can also visit


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