In a few months, Gunbarrel will celebrate its newest restaurant addition: Sancho’s Mexican Restaurant. Already an established concept in Boulder, Sancho’s will offer classic, fun Mexican fare that has been sorely lacking in the community. We sat down with Owner/CEO Shawn Camden to talk about the concept, and what we can expect.

When will Sancho’s open in Gunbarrel?
Sometime in November.

Who is Sancho? Why that name?
“Sancho” is a Mexican slang for the guy that your wife is cheating on with. It’s meant to be a joke, and Mexicans always laugh when they hear our name. Americans think it is referring to Sancho Panza from Don Quixote, but it’s not. The guy on our logo is the rico suave Sancho.

Can you briefly describe the concept?
For the most part, Sancho’s serves traditional authentic street-style Mexican food. Most Mexican restaurants in the Boulder serve Americanized Mexican food or upscale Mexican food. We stick to authenticity. All food items are fresh and ingredients are made from scratch. We have added a few food items that American clients have been requesting, like the California Burrito—a burrito with seasoned steak and french fries. This burrito is super popular in California, and as we have so many folks from California who crave street-style authentic Mexican food, we put it on the menu. We also have added seasonal specials. In the winter time, we offer more traditional Mexican soups, like Caldo de Talapia y Cameron (fish and shrimp soup). And in the summer, we offer elote (Mexican-style corn) and aguas frescas (fresh Mexican-style juices), as well as specials like agua de sandia (watermelon juice)

Beyond the specials, what will the menu offer? The same as the Iris location? Will there be anything unique to Gunbarrel?
Fresh tacos, gorditas, burritos, tamales, tortas, quesadillas, seafood dishes, traditional Mexican dishes like chille rellenos and sopes (don’t confuse this with sopa, which is soup), and breakfast options. Because our current location is too small and the Gunbarrel location is bigger, we will eventually be serving beer and fresh margaritas, and will be having happy hour Mexican tapas from 4-6pm.We will also be open later on Saturday nights and will host live music and comedy nights. We want to help Gunbarrel create a thriving nightlife!

You mentioned the Gunbarrel space will be bigger—how big will it be? How many will it seat? What décor/design are you planning?
The space will seat about 80 people inside and 20-25 people outside. We are building an outside patio. I won’t say too much about the inside décor, but it’s going to look very unique and cool. We are putting a good amount of energy into the design.

Will there be a grand opening celebration?
There will be grand opening celebration with my awesome band, Los Cheesies. No details on that yet, though.

Do you have plans to collaborate with other Gunbarrel businesses?
Absolutely! We love collaborating. We currently partner with Medtronix and Lockhead Martin in Gunbarrel. Our food cart goes out to their locations every week where we serve tacos and tamales. Also, we cater a lot for local companies in Gunbarrel. Most folks in Gunbarrel already know us. We will be networking and meeting with local businesses, especially in the Gunbarrel Plaza, as soon as we have a better idea of when we will be opening. The managers of the huge new residential development behind Finkel & Garf just called me yesterday and said they want to send out a newsletter and give menus to all their residents as they and their residents are big fans of Sancho’s. We catered a pool part for their residents a few weeks ago and everybody loved our food!

You’ve touched on this a little bit, but why did you choose Gunbarrel for your new location?
We have to move out of our current location at the Diagonal Plaza. The owners of the building want all 14 businesses out by early next year. I began looking for a new restaurant space in February of this year. All Boulder spaces were way overpriced and we would have to drastically increase our prices to stay in business if we wanted to remain in Boulder. Longmont didn’t have many great options. Lafayette has some great options but I felt it was too far and I would lose the majority of our current customers. Gun barrel was perfect as it is not too far from our current location, the rent is somewhat reasonable, lots of Gunbarrel residents and workers know us, and Gunbarrel is growing fast and lacking food options. The last thing Gunbarrrel needs is another sandwich shop, but it could definitely use a good Mexican restaurant.

Another bonus is that we will be closer to Longmont and we have a Longmont following as well. I am actually concerned that we will do too well in Gunbarrel. The only drawback is that our space was not left in good conditions from Mr. Lee, the previous owner of the Gunbarrel Deli. Not only that, but the space is not designed nor equipped for a restuarant. We have to install a hood and make modifications to the space, and this has been taking much longer than expected. So please be patient with us.

Keep an eye out for Sancho’s progress and news here at Gunbarrel Gazette, and at Sancho’s website ( 

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    • Russel — Just checked in with the owner and waiting to hear back. I haven’t seen/heard anything new since this post, though! —Jeff/Editor

  1. Shawn…you mentioned 14 businesses out “early next year”. Does that mean by February-March of 2017? Is the DMV also moving?

  2. Well into Feb. and the seemingly perpetually coming soon restaurant proudly hangs a “now open” sign… over locked doors…. with no notice or indication of hours.
    I attempted to make contact with one of the employees inside, but was only waved away by them, shaking their heads as if to gesture to me “not yet”.

    Never had Sancho’s. Pretty convinced at this point I never will.