It wasn’t that long ago that Jamie and Marie Fox opened the doors on the long-anticipated Gunbarrel Brewing in the area’s tech park off Winchester Circle. With a sprawling footprint, daily food trucks (sometimes coming twice a day), and a healthy roster of well-crafted brews, GB is already making waves in Gunbarrel.

Gunbarrel Brewing Patio

Like many neighborhood breweries, Gunbarrel Brewing has a distinctly local vibe, and while the space is unquestionably enormous, it is nonetheless welcoming. Outside beneath the shade of trees, a half dozen or more tables rest on the grass for summertime sippers, while inside, a tap wall greets guests with seating for more than 50 beneath strings of lights. Towards the back, a developing “fun zone” reveals even more GB character. Dangling blow-up doughnuts dot the ceilingscape; a hoppy mural sprawls across the side wall; a screen promises movie nights; and games aplenty bring out childlike abandon in beer-lovers. At the moment, Gunbarrel Brewing boasts pool tables, ping-pong, arcade games, and life-sized beer pong, among other treats. If you choose to dock at the front near the taps, trivia and board games makes for a fun afternoon of sipping and scheming.

Gunbarrel Brewing Taproom

But what about the beer? Owner/Brewer Jamie Fox has spent quite a bit of time perfecting his recipes, and has launched the concept with some standards mixed with innovative takes on traditional varieties. You’ll find a pale in attendance—dubbed the Sweet Jane, brewed with Palisade hops—as well as a curious Australian bubbly called Bogan and a Scottish ale named Begbie. The Scottish is perhaps our favorite, alongside the Holee Cow Lactose IPA and Dirty Habit Double IPA. But the tap wall sprawls with close to 30 spigots, so we’re confident Jamie will be rolling out new and seasonal varieties as the months progress.

If you get peckish while sipping, there are, of course, food trucks to indulge in. But smaller bites are available in-house as well; a collaboration with nearby Sancho’s Mexican means you can get their freshly made chips and salsa to accompany your brews. Pretzels, chips, and other such fare are also available if you’d rather not commit to a full meal.

Gunbarrel Brewing Game Room

Gunbarrel Brewing is undoubtedly a welcome addition to the neighborhood, and promises plenty of fun times and community activity. There is hope the main tap room enjoys a bit more decoration as we close out 2017, but even if it doesn’t, this is set to be one of Gunbarrel’s favorite go-tos.

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